Pastured Meats
AWA Certified

​Beef & Pork

Beyond Organic

All of Whippoorwill Farm's animals are raised on and finished on pasture. We love our animals and handle them with the respect and compassion that they deserve. We are certified by A Greener World as an Animal Welfare Approved farm. The only meaningful food label out there today.
Growing with "beyond organic" practices produces flavor profiles not found in conventionally grown produce. Did you know that a certified organic product can be labeled as such and still be sprayed with certain harmful pesticides and fungicides? Cultivating the soil is the first key to growing good food.
Our laying hens are moved around the farm to allow them fresh foraging as well as to spread out their amazing pasture fertilizer! They are supplmented with a GMO and soy free feed produced and provided to us from a local farm. 
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Seasonal Veggies - Eggs - Beef cuts - Pork cuts - Herbs - Vegetable Plants
Locally Produced Artisan Products & farm goods!

*New hours/days coming for the 2019 season!
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